To avoid further confusion between cohorts and groups / grouping, please check the following:

  1. Cohorts are a method of enrollment by assigning students or dividing students into groups. For example, you want to organize students to study literature, mathematics, and physics. .
  2. Groups are created to allow students to chat in groups according to each course or lesson, while grouping is a set of individual groups that we create.
    As for grouping, for example, you have student studying literature 1 and students studying literature 2.
    So we created a grouping of literary students that included one literary student and two literary students.

    Chat group for students of literature 1 and students of literature 2 (Grouping)

There are two types of chat: the first is group / grouping and the second is a private chat with a member.

  • Method 1: Group Chat by Lesson (Groups/Grouping)
    To create a group chat for students only if the student is enrolled in a course or lesson first, check that there are students enrolled in the lesson or if there is, then we can create a group chat.
    If the teacher has a group discussion lesson, you will see the following image:

    Chat group, students study literature 1
Chat group, students study literature 2

Note: If the teacher did not create a Chat group according to the lesson, you will not see any group.

  • Method 2: Chat to any member as a private chat, first go to My Courses and then go to any lesson you want to ask.
    next,go to My course->view course->participants->view profile user->Message and you can chat.