before you make installation of iTop,you should check the requirments.


  1. Minimum Hardware requirements
  2. iTop compatibility list
    check the itop version with Min required → Max supported in php and MySql
  3. Configuring your webserver
    • Apache Httpd
      iTop packages contains built-in configuration for Apache Httpd (.htaccess files)
    • Microsoft IIS
      iTop packages contains built-in configuration for Microsoft IIS (web.config files)
  4. GraphViz (You must download & setup file GraphViz.exe,please make sure it is supported with you PC )
    iTop relies on Graphviz to produce graphical representations of the object’s life-cycle as well as the impact analysis graph.
    On Windows: download Graphviz from the web site and install it.
    if you are not installation GraphViz,you will see the error C:\Program Files\Graphviz\bin\dot.exe

    relate to requirement,please check this for detail.

  5. clone or download project iTop from Combodo git here:
  6. after clone project already,you need store it under wamp/www/youritopproject
  7. open your project http://localhost/youritopproject/setup/