These are the articles of Sam Ang Sochannimol, who shared her experience.
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It does not matter how smart and talented you are, but it does matter how brave you are and how dare You try new things, difficult things, and how to deal with problems.
At a time when you want to change, want to find something better for yourself, want to give yourself an experience.That’s when you leave the Comfort Zone and start doing things that are harder than you have ever been, things that are challenging, challenging.Over time, you will find that at least in addition to success, you will learn a lesson that is a good experience for life. You can fail, not succeed, not win in any competition, the special gift you get is to correct mistakes, correct bad points and strive to develop your own abilities. If I win one program, it means that I have at least 10 competing programs. We can fail, but do not fail to try new things.
I always tell myself to try the competition, try to do as many new things as possible, if not successful, at least the rest of the experience.

Finally, VNORM hopes that all young men and women have the courage to face the challenges of a strong life and continue to move forward to achieve their goals.