Starting a blog is actually really straightforward. All you need to do this:

  1. Buy Domain Name
    generally,If you a new Hosting account and Some DNS, It will provide free for a year.
    Example of Domain Name
  2. Sign up for a Hosting account
    You must Buy a Hosting Account to store website and database.
    Hosting Account website,there are Bluehost ,DreamHost,
    Google Cloud web hosting,Godaddy,Namecheap and Hostinger.
  3. Choose a platform suitable for new bloggers – usually WordPress
    Wordpress is easy to create and free.
  4. Install WordPress
    when you buy Hosting Account and It will provide Install website with can choose and install it.
  5. Choose WordPress theme
    Install default theme that already have in wordpress or Generate new Theme if You have a knowledge with coding.
  6. Choose WordPress plugins for your website
    Intall plugin to protect your WordPress and other plugin to make you easy to create new thing very easy and complete what you need.
  7. Customize your site
    update logo,site title and update coding of your custom template to get what you want.
  8. Write Your Article and Design your Content look nice
  9. publish Your blog post
  10. Include Google Adsense
    Google provide Advertisement by connect with Google Adsense.If Google Adsense Approved and You are going to get money from Advertisement.

Doing all these steps –They will help you to become a new Blogger.