public on 2 Nov 2023 release,

Google will be updating the Location asset requirements policy and begin enforcing the policy update on December 20, 2023 with a gradual ramp-up over approximately 8 weeks.

What’s changing?

This update defines the types of location assets that aren’t allowed on Google Ads. All applicable policies will be enforced on your location assets. Locations that are closed, not recognized by Google, or do not match the business running the ad (excluding affiliate locations), will not be allowed as Location assets. Also, assets with products or services that do not match the specified location will not be allowed. Review the Location asset requirements policy on December 20, 2023 for more detailed information.

How will this update be enforced?

If Google Ads detect that your location asset doesn’t comply with these policies, the location asset will receive a “Disapproved” status. Disapproved location assets can’t be used in your ad campaigns. If you disagree with the disapproval, you’ll be able to appeal the decision by following the instructions in the Google Ads UI.

Review this policy update to determine whether or not any of your location assets comply with the policy.