What is the footer of a website?

The footer is the section of content and contains information listed at the bottom of the page.

Mostly, there is a copyright of website, site map, privacy policy, contact information, social media icons, back to top icon and popular post.

In short, a footer improves a website’s overall usability.

What should we put in website footer Area?

Footer element typically contains:

  • copyright of website
    we always see copyright symbol © on website -we use this icon to protect content by copyright.
  • sitemap
    sitemap is all pages that listed in a website, they guide user about all information that website have.
  • privacy policy
  • contact information
    show your web information  to get in contact with you.
  • social media icons
    promote your social media link as facebook,instagram,telegram,linkin and youtube to get more subscriber.
  • back to top icon
    It provides user easy to scroll to top and see main menu in website.
  • popular post
    promote popular content or post to user and It’s best way to get 
    attention from user and increase engagement on pages.
  • website logo
    display logo to show your brand identity.
  • important or related documents
    we also add more necessary links, if you think it’s important.
    example: add career page,
  • Facebook chat plugin
    user can contact by chatting with Facebook messenger plugin via website.

Concluding Thoughts

Footer is an area that you ought to be concentrated on it and customize, design layout and fulfill your website information.

Eventually, I expectancy this subject matter may assist you.