Everyone is finding about plugin that provide you customize,  edit or personalize your WordPress admin panel.
the plugins have a lot and you don’t sure to choose which one  for customize your Admin Interface.

Below is shown you about customize your wordpress,easy,fast and free :

Adminify Plugin

to download https://wordpress.org/plugins/adminify/ check this link.

This plugin gives you access to the following feature:

  1. Admin Customize UI Templates
  2. Admin Dashboard Menu Editor
  3. Admin Menu Settings
  4. Admin Bar
  5. Admin Footer
  6. wordpress login customizer
  7. light and dark mode
    on Admin Bar,you can switch theme to dark or light mode.
  8. wordpress Activity log
    view history of user log into your website.
  9. Server Information
    display website server information.
  10. Admin Dashboard Custom CSS / JS
    you can add custom Css or Js.
  11. Admin Dashboard Widget
    On Admin Dashboad, You can hide or remove unwanted widgets as site health status,at a glance, Quick Draft and WP Memory Usage – Adminify.
  12. Admin Sidbar Generator
    Input title, and description for your sidebar and sort them anytime.


Finally,I hope this content help you to customize your wordpress admin Dashboard and find the right plugin.