Google Adsense published on 6 March 2024,

Starting 4 March 2024, before you can show ads via AdSense for Search (AFS) on a new site, you’ll need to add your site to the Sites page in your AdSense account. Each new site will go through a verification process that checks that you own the domain or have the ability to modify its content. The process will also review your site for compliance with the AdSense programme policies and Google Publisher policies. After checks are completed, your site will be marked as ‘Ready’ and you can start showing AFS ads.

We’re launching this change in several stages:

  • Any existing sites you’re currently monetising with AFS should automatically appear on the Sites page in your AdSense account. You have until 30 August 2024, to submit your sites for approval. Ads will continue to serve during this interim period.
  • If you haven’t submitted your sites for review before 30 August 2024, Google will cease to serve AFS ads until your site is successfully approved.

Learn more about the new site-level approval changes for AFS and how to add a new site to your AdSense sites list.

AdSense for search (AFS)

AdSense for Search (AFS) is a Google product that lets you enhance your site with Google Search and Shopping ads and earn additional revenue. AdSense for Search is part of the AdSense family of products. You can use AdSense for Search in addition to AdSense for Content and monetize both your search results pages and your site’s content.

How to earn with AdSense for Search

By placing AdSense for Search (AFS) on your site, you’ll generate earnings from ad clicks made by users on the search results pages. When users perform searches on your site, but choose not to click on the ads on the search results pages, you will not receive any earnings. For AFS, publishers receive 51% of the revenue recognized by Google.